If your from the secular world, what I’m about to propose will likely be taken as great news. I affirm Q’s legitimacy & support the notion that the mass arrests of the DARK Kabbalistic elite are in fact real.

It’s what comes next that should concern Christians.

What a journey this has been through the Q phenomenon.

Starting off not knowing what Qanon really was and having to backtrack on 8kun, catching myself up on what had been going on.

Then inevitably coming across “Fall of Cabal” and being inspired & fascinated.

Was immediately enamored, becoming an enthusiast, full out injecting myself into the fray, interacting like crazy with other Anons.

Then started to get suspicious it might all be fake, as naturally, I would hope, anyone would want to question something like this.

Did a little digging. Briefly thought it may have been a Cicada LARP.

However I soon realized that it was in fact real military intelligence. Solidified by public statements by a General & the undeniable references Trump cabinet members were making to Q.

Ok, feel a lot better. So right back on track, ok, I knew it couldn’t have been fake. Moving right along.

Things are moving fast, all sorts of evidence to support Q’s legitimacy keeps rolling in. I document it. I arrogantly thrust the information into the faces of leftist dissidents and family members.

JFK Jr. & Carolyn Besset Kennedy appear to actually be alive.

NESARA seems to be confirmed reality. Things going on behind the scenes, debt reset, ok… nice,

I think I’m the fucking man. I got the knowledge, I feel empowered.

Then that same little voice spoke up again in the back of my head.

So what’s the catch? WTF, now I’m suspicious again for no other reason than that.

Now, I’m not smart enough in my own right or proficient enough of a biblical scholar to have figured out the following on my own, but luckily my fellow Christian bloggers had my back. I am by no means asserting that I came up with any of this. So,

We have 3 factions: 1.) Many pastors are mesmerized by Trump.(including Steve Quayle, who I respect as much as anyone) 2.) Others are clearly Trump Deranged leftist Christians and denounce him as the Anti-Christ for no other reason than their leftist derangement. 3.) The third faction however, has seemed to have identified something far more insidious and admittedly brilliant, being prepared by Lucifer himself when it came to his plans for Trump.

These brilliant Christian YouTubers have, I believe, identified the planned great deception that we were warned about in the Bible.

Bill Gates trying to put bio chips in us as the mark of the beast always seemed way way too obvious.

What makes a deception great?

Fooling people into believing you intend to wipe out the evil “dark” Kabbalistic elite and then not actually doing so, is not really a great deception, it’s just a lie. So what would be a GREAT deception?

How about giving everybody on the planet a bunch of money while simultaneously publicly arresting and executing the dark evil Illuminati Luciferian world elite, only to gain their trust? Would that be a better guess?


By rising up and actually, for real, no joke, exterminating the Cabal by rounding them up in mass arrests and executing many of them, this automatically grants you a certain level of assumed benevolence by the public.

This leader, masked in benevolence & in thy holy midst of showering the public with New Age cash and unveiling new technology and medicine, would literally be able to implement whatever they damn pleased to, and no one would object.

I told you that I didn’t start this blog to become popular. I do this as a personal outlet to my thoughts and to give my raw opinion as I decipher the ongoingings of this current insanity. Your either a Bible believing Christian who firmly acknowledges Jesus, son of the Hebrew God Yahweh, is the only way to salvation, and take the prophecy of the Bible seriously, or your simply no different than the deceivers of the Catholic Church and the rest of the ancient mystery schools and followers of false pagan dieties.

There’s no in-between . You can’t have it both ways. I know that Trump satiates much of the Conservative value-set that many Christians have been looking for in a political leader. And I still cannot stand the P.C. culture and perversion of morality that we see from left wing politics. The left is disgusting and just because Trump is likely here to bring in the New Age does not mean I’d ever vote for a DemonRat, but I gotta call em like I see em. I don’t like it one bit either. This fucking sucks, but lying to yourself is a waste of time.

It’s possible things could change(prophethetically, not politically)but the evidence is pretty overwhelming at this point and I can’t anticipate anything changing my current outlook.