A thread by Tommy G


3 wks ago I drunkenly discovered an INTENTIONAL pedophile symbol in the California Governor’s Twitter header, which went viral enough for him to TAKE IT DOWN just 48 hrs later. I promised you a thread w/ some rabbit holes, and here we are!

Before we go into his history and tie him to some evil people, let’s first start with the post that kicked this all off!

This was my tweet from April exposing a BLATANTLY photoshopped in pedophile finger discreetly hidden in the background.

The funniest part of all of this is back in 2017, when he was just an up and coming illuminati puppet, he attacked trump for a “photoshop job” in his header….

Karma is a bitch!


You asked Trump “If I photoshop my tweet into my banner will everyone believe me then?”

Let me flip it?

“If I catch u w/ a photoshopped pedophile finger in your banner & u change it 2 days after my tweet, did u think it wouldn’t come up again”?

The Rabbit

The only reason I stumbled upon this insanely creepy & obviously intentional hidden gem, was cause I was digging into all the pedo/illuminati shit surrounding California, i.e: Hollywood Movies, The Sheriffs Logo & almost all the Silicon Valley Tech Companies logos

So as I was digging into this stuff I said “Well, we know Gavin Newsom is a piece of shit, and he’s the Governor, so let’s see if there’s anything going on on his page” and as I zoomed into his odd header, an arm stuck out & BANG there it was!

The interesting thing was the multiple comments on the thread speaking of a “Reverse Image Search” leading to pedo sites. I’m not a tech person, but here’s one of the many comments if you choose to confirm this for yourself. There were others.

As any good truth seeker would do, I then pivoted and said “let’s look deeper into this dude’s background and see if we can connect some dots to why he would put this there”…and it didn’t take long to piece the puzzle together.

We start w/ Gavin’s upbringing, and the his ties to the elites.
I’m sure we all have seen “The 4 Families who control California”
are all intertwined thru blood and marriage like a bad Game of Thrones Episode.

Gavin is actually directly tied to the lead serpent of the Democratic party, Nancy Pelosi, who was Gavin’s aunt by marriage for a period of time, until a divorce. Here is a great article on how the evil empire ties together (calmatters.org/commentary/gav…)

The big takeaway from that article is not even Pelosi, but GETTY! Gavin had been informally ADOPTED by the Gettys after his parents divorced. The Gettys are a “Soros level” evil empire & are mentioned numerous times in “Bloodlines of the Illuminati” (cia.gov/library/abbott…)

Yes, that book was on ! One of the biggest conspiracy theories around the Getty’s is the rumors of sex trafficking tunnels w/ thousands of kids being held in a bunker under the Getty Musuem. Start w/ Stephen D Kelley’s vids/book & read employee reports (cia.gov)

The only place that has been more widely circulated about having sex trafficking tunnels for the elite was an Island in little st James owned by a man named Jeffrey Epstein (we know how that turned out). Like that island, this museum is an ivory temple on an isolated mountain

I’m not claiming it’s FACT that there’s underground tunnels below the Getty Museum, but after Epstein, Nygard, NXViM, Weinstein & John of God (who had a BABY FARM & who oprah called “healer to the stars” on her show) i believe it now more than when i heard about it yrs ago!

Although he has good looks & Obama-like speech giving ability, Gavin still needed the push into the Governorship by the Cali elites who funded his whole journey. Don’t take my word for it, Mayor Brown himself said “they didnt need to interview him” when asked about Newsom

They were setting Gavin up to be their new “JFK” & scripting his life, it was all lined up perfectly when he married Kimberly Guilfoyle. This was the perfect “power couple!” There were obvious comparisons of Gavin to JFK w/ his looks & family, & Kim was the next Jackie O.

But just like every perfect plan laid out by the left, a Trump comes in and fucks it

After this “perfectly scripted marriage” ended in divorce, things spiraled fast. Gavin was running around town banging everything, but the scandal came when he was 40 yrs old & could have any girl he wants, but chose a 19 YEAR OLD COLLEGE STUDENT as his girlfriend. Read this

We see guys dating girls 1/2 their age at 60, when the girl is 30, but a 40 yr old dating a 19 yr old is pretty messed up! Especially if ur in the public spotlight! How deep does ur young girl fetish have to go to PUBLICLY date a 19yr old at 40 when ur a mayor? U see a trend?

Ok, let’s move on to some of the current controversies surrounding this illuminati puppet regarding the virus, China, releasing pedophiles from jail, Wikileaks & some more of his evil buddies…

but before we do…

Did i mention that he fucked his campaign manager’s wife?

I was gonna pivot to some NWO stuff, but let’s stay on the pedos. Recently he made it a crime to be on a beach, but let 7 high level sex offenders free from prison due to the virus! Would these 7 guys be ur 1st choice to free up room in a prison for a lady on a beach?

In a not-so-shocking turn of events, within just 3 weeks of these Charles Manson looking psychopaths being released from prison, 6 of the 7 have already been re-arrested! Brilliant move Gavin! I know u got a soft spot for sex crazed maniacs, but chill brah!

Of all the people to let out, not weed dealers or non violent offenders, he lets out the sex offenders? How many coincidences before mathematically impossible. You want another pedo connection? Remember his boy Tom Steyer? Gavin made him head of Economic Recovery Task Force!

Why is Tom Steyer important? Not for his 15 mins of fame during his failed presidential run, not for his ties to Hillary & all the evil money in Cali, but bc he was DEAD IN THE MIDDLE of the #Pizzagate scandal while appearing on the infamous “Walnut Sauce” emails w/ his bro!

Ed Buck being a murderer was about as big a “secret” as Epstein or Weinsten being rapists. EVERYONE knew this dude was a piece of human scum, so much so there was a trending slogan of “STOP ED BUCK”. But that didn’t stop ol’ Gavin from taking his $ as recently as last year!

During the pandemic, Gavin has been THE MOST anti-church person of any Governor, which falls directly in line with his illuminati overlords plans to kill religion in America, by allowing Hollywood studios to begin congregating, but banning religious gatherings until PHASE 3

Gavin also is a huge mandatory vaccination puppet, claiming that we will not be back to normal unless we get a vaccine, and continuing their fear mongering playbook. He is obviously a big contact tracing advocate too, so be prepared to be yanked out of ur houses in Cali.

Gavin was THE FIRST governor in America to push thru 100% mail-in voting for November, due to a virus that is almost non existent in May!? Most believe he’s using this virus as an excuse to push through an order that enables cheating. Earlier the DOJ busted PA in voter fraud

How bout China? YUP! Check that box too! Gavin faced extreme criticism for rushing through a 1 BILLION DOLLAR spend of taxpayer money to buy masks from shady Chinese company in April. BYD was the provider and they were already in hot water for giving faulty products to the US

How about old people? EVERYONE is worried about old people right now with this virus attacking the elderly, right? NOPE! Not Gavin (or #KillerCuomo)! He’s totally fine giving $80 million to illegals, but is CLOSING nursing homes to save $2.6 million! Yes, you read that right

So he was adopted by the Gettys, related to Pelosi, darling of the Clintons, dated 19 yr old girls as a 40 year old man, banged his own staffer’s wife, close to Ed Buck, had a pedophile header on twitter, demands mandatory vaccinations, closed nursing homes to help illegals…