VIDEO(2:23) | Yes, we know you stand with the Globalist Marxist Demons behind BLM. Your a piece of shit Ellen. I wonder if Andy has slit his wrists yet?

*Sorry for the fragmented videos, she/kept posting then taking down clips

VIDEO(0:53) | She’s not taking any accountability of course. Appearing to be blaming her propensity to torture & murder children for the purpose getting high off their Adrenochrome and the accumulation of demonic juju, on Trump & the military, and not her/himself. She wants us to think it’s unfair that she and her friends have to die over this. Awww. Poor boy.

Here are some related posts I made when all this secret arrest insanity first started and she/he was first outfitted with a S.M.A.R.T. ankle monitor and other celebrities like Céline Dion seemed to also be saying their goodbyes. (Continued below)

STARTLING FIND: I’ve Always Said this was a Literal Draconian Bloodline War | PROOF: Hanx, Celine Dion, Madonna, the Bushes & the British Royals are ALL the Same Bloodline. Trump is Wiping Out his Rivals. It’s REPTILIAN GENOCIDE(Updated 7/22)

Trump vs. “the Cabal” is a reptilian bloodline war. ONE BIG HAPPY REPTILIAN FAMILY 👇👇👇 I’m not sure if anyone else has made this realization yet, but it seriously startled me when I came across this. I had just finished watching the “The AntiChrist Dajjal will be a Reptilian Shapeshifter #84″(above) and went looking for […]

Don’t worship Moloch kids. This is what happens. Ellen is preparing for her journey straight to hell. Same with Oprah & Jimmy Kimmel.

It’s appears their swift tribunals that we were promised are wrapping up and they know they’re fucked. Most of the videos we’ve seen of them were Beast-tech CGI. It was the perfect time for them to tryout the software on the people. A beta-testing phase that went terribly for them, it’s fakery easily discernable to certain eagle eyed YouTubers and graphics designers.

These are the lame excuses they give. All three of them were worthless Satanic Pedophiles who have done a huge service to humanity by getting themselves caught and allowing “us” to do our own version of a blood sacrifice for once and jam lethal injection solution into their shriveled, blackened veins.