Source: By. Robert O Young DSc, PhD | | Updated April 7, 2020

The Truth About Corona and How To Prevent and/or Reverse the “Corona Effect”​

What is the “Corona Effect”?

The “Corona Effect” is the oxidation of the cellular membrane and genetic mutations which gives rise to cellular pleomorphism or biological transformation and the appearance of “crowning”, “spiking” and “knobing” projections as the microzymas or anatomical indestructable matter changes its form and its function.

These biological transformations of the body cells is the genesis of all bacteria, all yeast, all mold, all bacteriophages, all endotoxins or cell fragments, exotoxins and mycotoxins or metabolic acidic waste. The cause of pleomorphism or cellular transformations of the body cells affecting the cell membrane and its genetic matter is the result of an acidic lifestyle including diet. The disturbing contributing factors include all electrical and magnetic fields (EMF 1G to 5G), all acidic foods, all acidic fluids, all environmental toxins, including carbon monoxide, all insecticides, pesticides and herbicides found in non-organic foods (i.e., glyphosate), all acidic water (pH below 7.4), all acidic legend drugs including all antibiotics and drugs that contain HCL, all recreational drugs including marijuana (THC is an oxidant), all acidic supplements including all enzymes, all probiotics, all algae, all mushrooms, or all acidic supplements and foods, all acidic thoughts, all acidic feelings and all acidic beliefs.

This is the one cause of ALL sickness and disease and there is no other cause. Once again, the one sickness and one disease is the over-acidification of the interstitial fluids of the Interstitium due to an inverted way of living, eating, drinking, breathing, thinking, feeling and believing.

All viruses DO NOT EXIST and therefore do NOT cause infections.

All infections are born in us and from us and are outfections of the cell due to an acidic fluid environment.

There is only one treatment and that one treatment will restore health, vitality and energy to the organism (human or animal) by restoring the alkaline design of all body fluids, including the interstitial fluids that flow through every body cell that makes up every organ, gland and tissue with the pH Miracle alkaline lifestyle as outlined in the pH Miracle revised and updated book (2010).

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